Far Away.

He stept so lightly to the land,

All in his manly pride:

He kissed her cheek, he clasped her hand;

Yet still she glanced aside.

“Too gay he seems,” she darkly dreams,

“Too gallant and too gay,

To think of me—poor simple me—

When he is far away!”

“I bring my Love this goodly pearl

Across the seas,” he said:

“A gem to deck the dearest girl

That ever sailor wed!”

She holds it tight: her eyes are bright:

Her throbbing heart would say

“He thought of me—he thought of me—

When he was far away!”

The ship has sailed into the West:

Her ocean-bird is flown:

A dull dead pain is in her breast,

And she is weak and lone:

But there’s a smile upon her face,

A smile that seems to say

“He’ll think of me—he’ll think of me—

When he is far away!

“Though waters wide between us glide,

Our lives are warm and near:

No distance parts two faithful hearts—

Two hearts that love so dear:

And I will trust my sailor-lad,

For ever and a day,

To think of me—to think of me—

When he is far away!”





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