Said Olivier:—"No care have I to speak,

Since you deigned not to blow your olifant,

All hope of help from Carle for you is lost.

He knows no word of this; the fault lies not

In him, nor are yon Knights to blame—ride on

And gallop to the charge as best you can.

Seigneurs Barons, recoil not from the foe,

In God's name! bearing ever this in mind,

Hard blows to deal and hard blows to endure

Forget we not the war-cry of King Carle!"

At this word all the French together shout.

Who then had heard the cry, "Montjoie!" had known

What courage is. Then all together rush

Right onward; God! with what an onset fierce!

Deeply they spur their steeds for greater speed;

They burn to fight. What else can they desire?

The Saracens stand firm and nothing fear....

Behold the Franks and Pagans hand to hand....


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