Blancandrin, 'midst the wisest Pagans wise,

Who, in his vassalage a valiant knight,

Most prudent counsels gave to help his lord,

Said to the King:—"Be not by this dismayed!

To Carle the proud, the fierce, send messengers

With words of faith and love. Send to him gifts

Of bears and lions, packs of dogs; present

Seven hundred camels also, fifty score

Of molted 1 falcons, and four hundred mules

With heavy weight of gold and silver packed;

Then fifty chariots with their burthens heaped:

Well can this treasure all his soldiers pay.

Within this land he long enough has camped.

To France—to Aix let him at last return;

There will you join him on Saint-Michael's feast,

Accept the Christian law, and swear to be

His man in faith and honor. Should he ask

Hostages, ten or twenty grant, to lure

His trust; let us send our wives' sons. Mine—although

He die, I give. Far better that their heads

Should fall than we lose honor and domain,

Than we ourselves to beggary be brought."


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