Hereat the King Marsile the council closed.

Then summon'd he Clarin de Balaguer,

Estramarin and Eudropin his peer;

With Priamon Guarlan the bearded knight,

And Machiner together with Mahen

His uncle, Joïmer and Malbien born

Beyond the sea, and Blancandrin, to hear

His words. These ten, the fiercest, he addressed:

"Seigneurs Barons, ye shall go toward Carl'magne;

He to Cordrès, the city, now lays siege.

Bear in each hand a branch of olive-tree

In token of humility and peace.

If by your arts his favor you can gain,

I give of gold and silver, lands and fiefs

To each, whatever he may ask of me."

The Pagans answer all:—"[Well said our lord!"]


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