In early morn the Emperor arose.

Having attended mass and matins both,

Upon the verdant grass, before his tent

He stood, surrounded by the Count Rollánd,

The valorous Olivier, and the Duke Naimes,

With many more besides. There also came

The perjurer, the treacherous Ganelon,

Who, stepping forth, with most perfidious tongue

Began to speak:—"Hail! God save Carle the King!—

I bring you here the keys of Sarraguce:

Great treasures follow through my care conveyed

With hostages a score. So, guard them well.

The King Marsile the brave bears not the blame

If I bring not the Kalif unto you.

Myself three hundred thousand men in arms

Beheld, with hauberks clad, and helmets clasped,

Swords by their sides, hilts bright with gold inlaid,

Who with him crossed the sea, not to submit

To Christ's law which they will not hold nor keep.

But scarce five leagues had they sailed on the main,

When wind and tempest rising, down they sank.

All perished!... Never shall you see them more.

Had but the Kalif lived, I would have brought

Him hither. For the Pagan King, know well,

Ere you shall see this first month pass away,

Your vassal will he be, with joinèd hands,

And hold the realm of Spain a fief from you."

Thus said the King:—"Thanks be to God for this!

Well have you done, and great your recompense

Shall be."—He bids a thousand trumpets sound...

The camp is struck:—the Franks then load their mules

And set forth on their journey to Sweet France.


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