The Count Gerin sits on his horse, Sorel,

And his companion Gerier, on Passe-Cerf,

They loose the reins, and both spur on against

A Pagan, Timozel. One strikes the shield,

The other strikes the hauberk;—in his heart

The two spears meet and hurl him lifeless down.

I never heard it said nor can I know

By which of them the swifter blow was struck.—

Esperveris, son to Borel, was next

By Engelier de Burdele slain. Turpin

With his own hand gave death to Siglorel

Th' Enchanter who once entered hell, led there

By Jupiter's craft. Turpin said:—"Forfeit paid

For crime!"—"The wretch is vanquished," cried Rollánd,

"My brother Olivier, such blows I love!"


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