Olivier grasps the truncheon of his lance,

Spurs through the storm and fury of the fight,

And rushes on the Pagan Malsarun,

Breaks down his shield with flowers and gold embossed,

Thrusts from their orbs his eyes; his brains dashed out

Are crushed and trampled 'neath the victor's feet;

With seven hundred men of theirs he fell.

The Count next slew Turgis and Estorgus;

But now the shaft breaks short off by his hand.

Then said Rollánd: "What mean you, Compagnon?

In such a fight as this 'tis not a staff

We need, but steel and iron, as I deem.

Where now that sword called Halteclere, with hilt

Of gold and crystal pommel?" "I lack time

To draw it," valiant Olivier replies,

"So busy is my hand in dealing blows!"


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