Elsewhere stands Grandomie who is the son

Of Capuel king of Cappadoce. He sits

A steed named Marmorie, than flying bird

More swift. Loosening the rein, and spurring deep,

To smite Gerin with all his force he rides;

Torn from the neck which bears it, shattered falls

The purple shield, through the rent mail he drives

The whole blue pennon in his breast. Gerin

Drops lifeless by this blow, against a rock.

The Pagan also slays Gerier, his friend,

And Berengier, and Gui de Saint-Antoine;

Assailing then the noble Duke Austoire

Who holds Valence and fiefs along the Rosne,

He strikes him dead. The Saracens extol

Their triumph, but how many fall of ours!


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