An Emir now is there, from Balaguer.

Of handsome form, with proud and cheerful face,

When on his steed he vaults, well doth he show

With what great pride his armor's mail is borne.

For truest vassalage he is renowned;

Were he but Christian, 'twere a baron true.

Before Marsile he stands and loudly cries:

"My body I will take to Ronceval;

If there I face Rollànd his doom is sure,

Eke Olivier and the twelve peers, all die.

The Franks shall perish in despair and shame.

Carl'magne is old and dotes. O'erwhelmed, at last

He will give up this waging war, and Spain

Forever shall be kept beneath our sway."

The King Marsile on him bestows great thanks.


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