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Alice Frontispiece
The Pool of Tears 22
They all crowded round it panting and asking, "But who has won?" 28
"Why, Mary Ann, what are you doing out here?" 36
Advice from a Caterpillar 50
An unusually large saucepan flew close by it, and very nearly carried it off 70
It grunted again so violently that she looked down into its face in some alarm 74
A Mad Tea-Party 84
The Queen turned angrily away from him and said to the Knave, "Turn them over" 100
The Queen never left off quarrelling with the other players, and shouting "Off with his head!" or, "Off with her head!" 116
The Mock Turtle drew a long breath and said, "That's very curious" 132
Who stole the Tarts? 140
At this the whole pack rose up into the air, and came flying down upon her 158

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