(As sung by Mr. Charles Charrington in the play ofThe Three Wayfarers”)

            O my trade it is the rarest one,

Simple shepherds all—

      My trade is a sight to see;

For my customers I tie, and take ’em up on high,

   And waft ’em to a far countree!

My tools are but common ones,

            Simple shepherds all—

      My tools are no sight to see:

A little hempen string, and a post whereon to swing,

   Are implements enough for me!

To-morrow is my working day,

         Simple shepherds all—

      To-morrow is a working day for me:

For the farmer’s sheep is slain, and the lad who did it ta’en,

   And on his soul may God ha’ mer-cy!

Printed inThe Three Strangers,” 1883.

Sketch of man in old street

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