Change and chancefulness in my flowering youthtime,

Set me sun by sun near to one unchosen;

Wrought us fellow-like, and despite divergence,

   Friends interlinked us.

“Cherish him can I while the true one forthcome—

Come the rich fulfiller of my prevision;

Life is roomy yet, and the odds unbounded.”

   So self-communed I.

Thwart my wistful way did a damsel saunter,

Fair, the while unformed to be all-eclipsing;

“Maiden meet,” held I, “till arise my forefelt

   Wonder of women.”

Long a visioned hermitage deep desiring,

Tenements uncouth I was fain to house in;

“Let such lodging be for a breath-while,” thought I,

   “Soon a more seemly.

“Then, high handiwork will I make my life-deed,

Truth and Light outshow; but the ripe time pending,

Intermissive aim at the thing sufficeth.”

   Thus I . . . But lo, me!

Mistress, friend, place, aims to be bettered straightway,

Bettered not has Fate or my hand’s achieving;

Sole the showance those of my onward earth-track—

   Never transcended!

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