The Other World

Frank Frankfort Moore

By Frank Frankfort Moore

Author of ‘The Jessamy Bride,’ ‘Nell Gwyn, Comedian,’ ‘The Original Woman,’ ‘Castle Omeragii,’ Etc. Etc.

London: Eveleigh Nash


This Other World is indeed not so far distant from our own that is ruled by the sunne and moon. Therein the Prince of the Power of the Air hath his dominion, whose servants are the Witch and the Warlock,... the Night hagge,... and those that some, for want of a better name, term Ghosts, Ghouls (breeders of sadde dreams),... also the Hob Goblin (himself a foul fiend, albeit full of pranks),... Lyars all, but dangerous to trajfick with and very treacherous to Mankind. They lure to Perdition soone or late.

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