Appendix: Sovereigns of England

Accession Name  
871    Alfred the Great  
899    Edward the Elder son of Alfred
924    AEthelstan son of Edward the Elder
939    Edmund son of Edward the Elder
946    Eadred son of Edward the Elder
955    Eadwig son of Edmund
959    Edgar son of Edmund
975    Edward the Martyr son of Edgar
978    AEthelred the Unready son of Edgar
1016    Edmund Ironside son of AEthelred the Unready
1016    Canute  
1035    Harold I Harefoot son of Canute
1040    Hardicanute son of Canute
1042    Edward the Confessor son of Aethelred the Unready
1066    Harold II  
1066    William I, the Conquerer  
1087    William II son of William I
1100    Henry I (and Matilda) son of William I
1135    Stephen  
1154    Henry II (and Eleanor) grandson of Henry I
1189    Richard I, the Lion-Hearted son of Henry II
1199    John son of Henry II
1216    Henry III son of John
1272    Edward I (and Eleanor) son of Henry III
1307    Edward II son of Edward I
1327    Edward III son of Edward II
1377    Richard II grandson of Edward III
1399    Henry IV  
1413    Henry V son of Henry IV
1422    Henry VI son of Henry V
1461    Edward IV  
1483    Edward V son of Edward IV
1483    Richard III  
1485    Henry VII (and Elizabeth)  
1509    Henry VIII son of Henry VII
1547    Edward VI son of Henry VIII
1553    Mary daughter of Henry VIII
1558    Elizabeth I daughter of Henry VIII
1603    James I  
1625    Charles I son of James I
1649    Oliver Cromwell  
1660    Charles II son of Charles I
1685    James II son of Charles I
1689    William and Mary  
1694    William III  
1702    Anne granddaughter of James II
1714    George I  
1727    George II son of George I
1760    George III son of George II

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